Child Seats...

Europe Transfer, in conjunction with French Law, takes the safety of your children very seriously.  We have a variety of seats available for your airport transfer as we know that children come in all shapes and sizes despite their age!

Baby and Child Seats are free of charge.  Our airport transfer drivers are trained on fitting the seat in the minibus and advising parents on how to secure their child in the seat. 

Rear facing baby seat (French Group 0,  Birth - 10 Kg):  This is for babies from birth to 9 months old.

Front facing seat with integral harness (French Group 1,  9-18 Kg): This is suitable from 9 months to 3 years.

Booster seat with high back (French Group 2, 15-25 Kg): This is suitable from 3 years onwards.

Booster seat (French Group 3,  22-36 Kg): This is suitable from 5 years onwards.

If you are in any doubt as to which type of seat you require for your child then please advise us of weight/height details in the other information box on your booking or contact us directly.

For your information below is the description of each Group as defined by the French Government.

Group 0 from 0 to 9 months (up to 10 kilograms) will have seats that allow to infant to remain sleeping flat or in an upright seated position.  These seats cannot be fitted in the front seats of our vehicles, they must be in either of the two rear rows.

Group 1 for 9 - 18 kilograms, as a rule it is a seat with a "harness " which stops your infant 'sliding down', furthermore they can often recline to allow infant to sleep without it hurting it's neck.

Group 2 will suit your children until 7 years and up to a weight of 25 kilogram maximum and uses the seat belt (a booster with a back).

Group 3 are boosters for more than 7 years and more than 25 kilograms, your children will again be secured by the seat belt (a booster).